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After you have added your site to the queue (by pressing the SUBMIT button above), you will then travel to a page with your ring code. Copy it, and then paste it into your site's html code in an appropriate place, and on the page whose URL you submitted.

Make sure you save the ring graphic to your own server by right clicking on it! I've made several graphics for light and dark backgrounds whidh are animated or non-animated. 
You may choose an alternate banner by going HERE.
The Ditzy Dancing Pages NetRing was created with the intent to give fellow webmasters a chance to showcase their animated dancing pages, and to visit and enjoy other dancing pages.  As the Webring Manager for this ring, I promise to do my best to provide all visitors to The Ditzy Dancing Pages Webring, with friendly, child safe, family oriented pages that they can feel comfortable visiting and exploring. 
Are you interested in becoming a Member of The Ditzy Dancing Pages NetRing??  If so, I want you to know, that we would love to have you as a member within our ring!! There are a few rules that we all go by here.  Please read through all the rules before you join the ring. 
1. The page submitted must be an animated dancing page.

2. The page where the ring fragment and graphic are placed, MUST be G-Rated. In other words, 100% SAFE for children ages 12 and under to visit. This includes - but is not limited to - graphics, content, words and links.

3. The page submitted must have GOOD CONTENT and be easy to read.

4. There WILL NOT be any broken links or graphics.

5. The site where the page is located must be child safe and family friendly.  No pornography, no hate, no bigotry, no violence, no obscenity, and no promotion of illegal activities.  

6. The code for the ring will be placed on the dancing page whose URL you submit, and should not be altered in any way.  The only thing you'll need to do is insert your ring id # and change the text color if you need to for it to show up against your background.   So, don't get creative with the ring code.  We're looking for uniformity and logo recognition  here.  The "creativity" part of this ring, is choosing text color and a graphic from the ones on the alternate banner page. 

(The page that you put the ring code on, will be the page that is listed with this ring. This is so that people who are surfing the ring don't have to search for it to continue on with the ring. If you have several Animated Dancing Pages, feel free to list each page with its own description and place the webring code on each page.

7. The graphic you choose for this ring MUST be saved on your own site's server, and should not be altered in any way.   Code is based on size of graphic.

8. As the Manager for this ring, I retain the right to limit the number of sites in The Ditzy Dancing Pages Ring at any given point in time.
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Rules and Guidelines for Joining this NetRing
Please Read Them Very Carefully
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By law, we cannot collect personal information on anyone under the age of 13. Because of this we do not allow anyone 13 or under to Join a RingSurf Net Ring, or become a Ringmaster, and thus we are forced to ask you to specify your birthdate. If you are under the age of 14, you may not become a member of RingSurf. You may use the Ring Directory and use any existing ring, you just may not start a new ring, or add your website to an existing ring. See our privacy statement if you have any questions on how we handle your personal data.
Page Description:
Choose any banner and be sure to download it to your own server.  
All banners are the same size 200x115 and will work with the code.
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