Tired Of All That Negative Campaigning?
Want To Register With The New Party?
Well Here Is What You've Been Searching For!
A Place Where Everyone Gets Together For Fun!
The All American Dance Party!
Give A Hand To The Boyznthband
This Gives a Whole New Meaning
To  the Phrase "Ladies' Night"!
Grand Old Party!
Right - Left - Middle?
Politics Make Strange Strange Bedfellows ..... and Dance Partners!
Cigar Anyone? .... Anyone?
Now There's A Couple Guys That Stand Out In a Crowd!
Does The Secret Service Dance...Secretly????
Bi"Party"Son  Animals Have More Fun
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Takin' Care Of Business Midi
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It's been fun partying with you.  But now it's time to say so long.  Just remember next time you argue politics...aint nuthin' but a party!

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