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Lovely Night
Stars Shine Bright
Restful Scene
Some Restless Ghosts Of Rock n' Roll
Come Out To Play And Free Some Soul
The Pumpkin Patch They Wander By.....
Oh Look What Happens
My!  Oh My!
Witchin' Party Man!
Say Hi and Wave
To Sam & Dave
Join The Fun
Don't Bother Knockin'
Soulful Pumpkins
The House Is Rockin'!
Peter Pumper Picked A Peck Of Party Pumpkins!
If Peter Pumper Picked A Peck Of Party Pumpkins
How Many Pecks Of Party Pumpkins
Did Peter Pumper Pick?
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Soulman Midi
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I Worked Hard On These Animated Dancing Pumpkins.
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Here's A Great Site. 
Check Out Her Dancing Skeletons While You're There!
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You can find a ton of Halloween costumes online and in your
neighborhood.  However, when you consider the cost and lack of originality
at times, homemade costumes can be more fun and often more
cost effective.  Not to mention if you involve your children in creating
Children's costumes.
In any case, Halloween costumes are a MUST on October 31st!