Deck the net with web page folly
Lordy let me learn H-T-M-L
Tis the season - let's be jolly
Maybe just a click will work as well
See it now, our page before us
Loading Slow - Where's the text - Oh my head
Sing a Midi yuletide chorus
Shut the darn thing down and Go To Bed!

Page is decked  - Looks good by golly
Wonder if the links will work as well
Surfed and borrowed someone's holly
Shoot - forgot to note the URL
Search the net - an hour passes
There we go - ho ho ho - there's the site
Now my message to the masses
Merry Christmas all and all Good Night!
My Own Web Christmas Carol
A "Geek" Tragedy
By Nancy - That's Me!
  To the tune of Deck the Halls
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