Merry Christmas
To All Children
thinks You are a little 

Right now he is working hard with his
making lots of
for you to
Everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays.
Are you helping mom to make
Did you help to trim the
Virtual Trim a Tree
Are you keeping your room neat and tidy???
No wonder Santa thinks you are an
It seem like it takes Christmas forever to get here but there are lots of things for you to do to make the time go faster.
Paper Snowflake
Ask someone to show you how to fold a piece of paper
up and make cuts with scissors to make a beautiful
Or if you are lucky enough to
have real snow maybe you and
your dad can build a neat old
Click on the candy cane for a recipe for hard candy or lollipops you and your mom or dad can make together.
(only with adult supervision - very hot ingredients here).
Here are a few fun places to go on the computer .  Just click on the picture and see what happens
Before you know it, Christmas will be here and you'll be opening your gifts.   If you did just some of the things on this page with your mom and dad, you had the best gift of all  .....   Great Times With Your Family
Don't forget to feed Santa and His Reindeer Christmas Eve.
Have the Best Christmas Ever
No Snow ?
Build a Virtual Snowman!
Click each snowman for a different page.
Click Snowflake
Virtual Gifts Games
Click on Gingerbread Cookies
for Some Good Recipes
Click on Tree & Bow
for Fun and Crafts
Click  on Santa  to Write  him  a letter
Click on Smilies or Angel     for some fun rewards.
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