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*** To Vote Exchange with a Site That You Haven't Visited {Blind Voting} Is UnSpirited And UnAcceptable.

*** When you commit to a vote exchange that means you Must vote daily.

*** When you are sending reminders to vote....stick to your agreement.  Weekly means Once A Week!
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There Are Places Called Vote Exchange Boards Where You Can Advertise The Fact That You Are Seeking To Exchange Friendship And Support
With A Site That You Have Visited And Find Acceptable
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Please Note - Updated 1/6/04
Some of these lists are not well maintained and  although it's against their rules, they still allow members to post their vote urls.  The ones that inforce the rules have few members, but are well worth joining.  As I come across Vote Exchange groups that allow the posting of vote links - I'll move them to the group below which are actually voting groups.
There Are Other Email Lists That Assume Vote Exchange. 
Friends on these lists send their vote url with the assumption that you will visit their page before you vote.  If you post to these lists you must be sure to vote for everyone who is posting.
There Are Voting Board Where You May List Your Weekly Vote URL....
You must promise to vote for everyone who is listed on the board.  Some boards track your vote while others have hidden pages you must find.  If you do use one of these boards, you will be blind voting....unless you visit all the sites on the board.    If you belong to more than one of these boards, you may run into the problem of duplicate votes which will nullify each other.
These boards usually offer TopSite Voting Only as well as WebComp Voting Only.
Some are well maintained (non-voters exposed) and some are not.
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