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100 Best Dog Sites
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Adorable Dollz
Animal Alley Top Sites
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Illinois Top Wedding Sites
Judy's World - Banner Exchange
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Nordiske jenters hjemmesider
R & C's Top Site Contest
Saninsky's Top 100 Sites
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Skye's Top Site Extravaganza
Southern Women Webring Top Sites
Teresa's Unicorns Top 100 Fantasy Sites
The Devins Family Home Page Top Sites
The Open Door VE Club's Best Sites
The Original Top 100 Fantasy Sites
The Top 15 Dollz Sites!
Top 50 Fairy Pages
Top 75 Best Family Sites
Top 100 Home Pages
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Top 100 Dog Sites
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Top 100 Women's Sites
Top 100 Princesses with Talent
Top 100 Recipe Sites
Top 100 Women Sites
Top 100 Women Webmasters
Top USA Sites
Tragedy Strikes Top International Sites
Vampire Kitties Vote Exchange Websites
Vampire Kitties Open Door VE Friend's
White Feather's Top 100 Native American
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Women's Top 100
Women Of Strength & Inner Beauty Top Sites
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Mystical Realms Top Sites
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Lady Elan's Top 100
Muffin's Top Sites
Tribute To America
If you are the owner or participate in a Top Site or Web Competition that is not listed here... feel free to send me a mail with the name and url.
All of the banners above were made by me, sized to 160x160 to keep all things equal... No competition with a bigger banner!  If you object to that idea and want to send me a 160x160 banner, feel free.  Also if you like the banner I made ... you are welcome to use it.