Getting To Know You MIdi
Intro - Spoken By Nancy  *G*
Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.
Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me.
Getting to know you, putting it my way,
But nicely,
You are precisely,
My cup of tea.
The second two verses are a parody written by 
The One - The Only - The Lonely (fairly obvious that)
DJester Fool - Nancy Lee (No relation to Spike)
We are talking fun and friendship here peeples!
And who knows - You could be a star!
Sharing your spirit, Sharing your tears and your laughter             Hoping it goes on,  Hoping it lasts endlessly  
Getting to know you, putting it my way,
But sweetly,
You are completely,
My friend you see.
There's a saying in The Site Fights,
It's a true and honest thought
To enjoy the competition
Then the spirit must be caught
As a fighter, I've been learning
(You'll forgive me if I boast)
But I have become an expert
On the subject I like most.
And That is ......
Maestro if you please .....
pssst - restart the midi
What's the best way to get to Carnegie Hall?
Practice my friend - Practice.  Butta Bing! Butta Bing!
Getting to know you, Getting to feel free and easy
When I am with you, Getting to know what to say   
Haven't you noticed
Suddenly I'm bright and breezy
Because of all the beautiful and new
Things I'm learning about you
Day by day.
Telling you my dreams, Getting to feel that you're with me
Making our own fun, Knowing we know how to play
Now that I've met you
Suddenly I'm mostly happy
I've found a new pal, beautiful and true
Yes I'm talking about you
Friends Today
Applause!  Bravo! Bravo! Encore! Encore!
That was wonderful.  I knew you would be great.  You are so talented! 
You see, getting to know you is what my idea of the competition is all about.  You are a lot more to me than an extension of an arm wielding a mouse from competition to competition clicking out votes.
It's your voice I'm interested in. 
How are you?  What are you about?  What do you like?  What are your causes?  What do you love?   What do you hate? (don't even say singing stupid songs)
Reaching out through our pages ...
We've made contact ...
And across so many miles ...
We touched ..... and it was good.
I think you get my message.  I know you're smart and I know you are a good person.   You share your time and talents with many.  So much good comes from many of your pages.
Sometimes a smile, sometimes a tear, and sometimes a lesson to be learned or remembered.  Maybe a vistor just doesn't feel so alone or isolated anymore.
Perhaps someone realizes they aren't
as crazy as they thought they were.
I think a lot of people feel that way after a visit to The Seasons.
Web Competitions enhance your generous nature.
More sharing, and more caring starts right away. 
Someone needs a favor, or some information.  They ask, and I would bet 100% of the time, someone answers.
That's the best part....
Knowing that someone will answer.

Don't get me wrong, winning is great, because if helps to affirm our hard work.  But so much more is happening here.  In one word - - - - Friendship
Hello - Hello - Hello
Welcome To My Spirit Page
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Saying Goodby - Friends Are Friends Forever

( A Beautiful Message To Send To A Fighter Who Is Retiring )
What we have goin' on here is a little interactive operetta.   Interactive means I write the words and you sing them. 
Of course you can carry a tune.  And besides,  who's going to know?  This is a spirit page, so don't forget to sing with your BIG voice and could we have a little spirited toe tapping?
Now the first two verses are the original lyrics, just to get you into the mood, and into the excruciatingly difficult tempo.   I know you can do it.  Don't forget to turn the music waaaaay up.
After you practice, why not bring your family into the act. A little family karaoke is always good right after the dinner you barely threw together because you were too busy  reading email and voting.
I love your enthusiasm!   Flexing your jaw like that!
Oh - you were yawning.  Now come on get in the spirit.
Lets flash those teeth in a big smile.  That's Better.  Way To Go!
Wait....  Where are you going?
Oh -  well go ahead if you  really need a drink or a gargle or something.
I'll wait right here.  I'll be warming up.  Hurry back!
"do re me fa so la ti do - do ti la so fa me re do - do de do do
The Hilllls Are Alive  With The Souuuund of Musiccc
la la la la la   Julie Andrews eat your heart out.  la la la la la
Oh good you're back.  Ready now?  Let's Do It!
Lights coming up slowly - slowly

Make sure to turn the Midi Off for my big part and then restart it when you're ready to belt it out.

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