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Spirit is just like this background - always moving - never still  - Sometimes just under the surface  Itching to be Free.   All it takes is one person to open the door and the Drumrolls start.
The Spirit Passes - Touching Everyone - Creating Happiness - Hope and a Whole Lot of Hullabaloo
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Spir-it (spir'it) n.   {{<  L spirare, breathe}} 1  a)the life principle, esp. in human beings  b) SOUL  (sense  1) 
2 /also S-/  life, will, thought, etc., regarded as separate from matter   3 a supernatural being, as a ghost, angel, etc. 4 an individual  /a brave spirit/    5 usually pl\ disposition;   mood /high spirits/   6 vivacity, courage, etc.  
7 enthusiatic loyalty /school spirit/   8 real meaning /the spirit of the law/   a pervading animating principle;  essential quality /the spirit of the times/   10   vt to carry (away, off, etc.) secretly and swiftly
Spirit Means A Lot Of Things To a Lot Of Different People
Lets Take a Look At  What Good ol'  Webster has to say:
The Story of The Harlequin's Spirit
   When I signed up for the site fights, I had no idea of what I was doing, or how I was going to do it.  I panicked when I received the notice that I would be fighting in Cavaliers Courtyard on  Monday, January 10th.   Who was I to assume that my first attempt pages could ever compete in something so spectacular as the fights? I wrote my team leader, DHarlequin,  really trying to beg off or postpone my entry. The Lady, as she likes to be called,  immediately answered my plea for help.  She  gave me the  kind encouragement that I needed and an offer to help with graphics or HTML (my worst nightmare).   She's a very busy lady, but she gave me her Time, a most precious commodity.
    As for the advice she gave me, it is something that you can use in everything you do everyday.   "When you create, create from the heart.    Let your spirit show through in all that you create.  If you enjoy what you are doing, it will show in the finished product, and others will then enjoy and appreciate your  creativity." 
    Well, I've made it through the first round and I've learned some new things and I'm learning more and more everyday.  I actually tackled the little Spirit Page vote box at the bottom of this page.  This was my very first attempt at HTML, and I am sooooo pround of myself.  It worked, on the very first try.  Thanks Site Fights, and thank you Lady, for the encouragment and true words of wisdom.  Your spirit shines for all to see.  Please visit her lovely pages.
      I've made some true friends and supporters here at the fights.  Their spirit shows in  each every email and gift.  It's so nice to be remembered. They come and visit my site, sign my guestbook, and then send ME a gift.   The gifts here are  most precious to me,  because they are from the very first friends I made at the Site Fights.  
This beautiful winter scene globe was a gift from Cindy.  It was my very first welcome to the site fights.  Cindy also showed me how to include my information in my email signature.  She is very talented and shares her graphics.  She will even make you a special one if you ask her.   Cindy Represents The Spirit of Sharing.
This delicate little vase is from Tania, who was a stranger and now a friend and who was the friendliest fighter I've met.  She is so kind and always ready to help.  Tania Represents The Spirit of Friendship. 
Jesters have to get used to this sort of thing, you know.  Note, Lemmy's wonderful splatt and drag technique.  Now THAT'S how to splatter someone with a pie!!! Thanks to Lemmy, I've had my initiation and it tasted swell.  Killed my diet ,though!  I was a much better sport than Poor Ol' Bill Gates!!!
Lemmy Represents The Spirit
of Good Natured Fun.
Thank you Mary Anne 
To My New Spirit
Click Here to See
Poor Ol' Bill Get His!
Lemmy Koopa Hit Me With A Pie !!!
I Received This Charm
After Winning At The Harlequin's Ball
I Would Also Appreciate Your Vote For
Tis Soon The Season In My Site Fights Battle.
I Represent The Spirit of Gratitude.
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Voting Page
Teresa, Thank you for the "vote" of confidence.  It's true, I Take My Supporters To The Voting Booth With Me Everyday and Everyway -  for I am a Votin' DJester Fool!!  If you like this site and If you would like me to visit  your site to talk about a vote exhange,  please go to my ve form page where we can exchange our information.  While you're at it, visit Teresa.  Teresa Represents the Spirit of Faithfulness and Trust.
This Little Darling Was A Gift From Stacey of Whispering Wings.    I'm Going To Call Her Drummer because Stacey has "drummed up" so many loyal supporters for me.
Stacey Represents the Spirit of Industrious Commitment to a Cause.
This Was Made For Me By Denisse .  She Knew I Didn't Have a Clue
So She Made Time (There's That Word Again) To Make This Lovely Little Banner.  The Other Banner Is Her Own.   Isn't She Talented??  Yes, And She's Willing To Help Anyone Who Needs It.
Denisse Represents The Spirit of Volunteering  and Helpfulness.
Here's A Little Story About The True Meaning Of The Word ..... Spirit.
Mary Anne and I ended up competing against one another at the Harlequin's ball.  I  emailed her and asked her if she wanted to dance *S* and she said sure - do you want to lead ?*G*  We voted for each other everyday.  She mentioned me in her vote reminders and I mentioned  her in mine.  It didn't matter to either one of us who won.  What mattered was that we supported each other and had fun.
Mary Anne Represents the Spirit of Good Sportsmanship and Loyalty.
She Makes Beautiful Graphics and Backgrounds.
She Shares Her Talents and Treasures With All.
Deseroka shared a way for me to receive more daily votes for my spirit pages.  Deseroka Represents The Spirit of A Sweet and Generous Heart.
Can You Imagine
I Received This Wonderful Award For My Little Old Spirit Page
On 2/18/00
I am so honored And So Thrilled!!!
I'm Actually Speechless!!
I Received This Charm
After Winning In The
This is My Personal Charm
Created By DFantasia
The Charm Club is a Wonderful New Idea
Click on My Charm To Learn More!!
I Received This Charm
For My Trip to

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TSF Vote Banner Exchange

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