My name is Nancy. I live in a small town in Ohio.  I am now middle aged, that is if I can live to be 112. *G*  In my younger days,  as a registered nurse, I headed a trauma team on two of the largest power plant construction sites in Ohio and Pennsylvania.   My husband David, worked as a supervisor in the Ohio Power Plant.  I retired from nursing to start my family and was blessed with our beautiful daughter, Jennifer.   I was lucky enough to be a "stay at home" mom while our daughter was growing up.   When Jen turned thirteen, we realized we needed a lot more moolah for her college education than we had managed to save. *G*  So, I somehow talked my dear David into buying a run down old building which we (he) totally renovated into a wonderful little Italian Restaurant.  He worked at the power plant, and I ran the restaurant.   We did this for twelve years, until Jennifer's graduation from Duquesne University.  Proud of her?  You bet!  She is now a pharmacist at our local hospital. 

    We were lucky enough to sell our restaurant in 1999.  David was also fortunate in that he was offered early retirement in 1995.  So,  we are enjoying our time together working on our house and garden.   Well, he does most of the work and I enjoy our time together. lol  A few years ago we began feeding our winter feathered friends with a small backyard feeder.  That has blossomed into several huge feeders and a small wildlife sanctuary in our back yard.  We enjoy watching all the activity through out the year.  I call David, St. Francis,  because I swear one of these days those birds are going to start lighting on him.   They hardly move away now when he fills the feeders and the bunnies and squirrels allow him to get closer everyday.  This winter when the weather was so cold, he bought tons of corn to put down for the deer, pheasants, and turkeys.  We discovered a mouse in our garage and well you guessed it.. we put food and water down for it.  It doesn't even run when we come out anymore.  Just keeps on chomping. . .

   Now me, on the other hand ....... I happen to be an "in-doorsy-sort-of-egghead-nerd"   I've
been hooked on electronics from the first days of Merlin, Simon Says, Atari and Nintendo. My first computer was a Tandy 1000, which by the way cost almost as much back then as the best and fastest computers do today.  I played lots of games on my Tandy and taught myself Lotus 123. Later when I upgraded to a computer with a hard drive,  I used the computer mostly for business purposes. I designed my own bookkeeping, payroll,  and inventory systems with Lotus.   I loved the computer so much, I actually enjoyed keeping the books .  I've always wondered if it would have been easier if I'd ever read a Lotus Manual. lol

    I preferred dos to Windows and didn't think I would ever use Windows for anything but playing Solitaire. *G*  Game wise I fell in love with King's Quest.  I think I still have the original version where you had to type in the commands!  When I started playing each of the newer versions II, III, IV, I was awestruck.  I loved and still play,  all of the Captain Keens.  Yep, I've still got them all, including Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter.   The not so violent Duke Nukems,  Cosmos's Cosmic Adventures ,  Secret Agent, and Crystal Caves, are still favorites when I can find some time to just goof off.  Not much of that happening these days.

   When we bought this computer last year I discovered the internet  "Thank You AlGore" , and the art of site building.  In November of 1999, I started my first page to get traffic to a commercial site advertising our restaurant.  And that was the beginning of an addiction that just grew stronger day after day.  Full time web junkie now, the computer just automatically boots when it sees me!   My daily fix starts with breakfast and ends when I go to bed, if I go to bed.   Most of
my non-addicted friends just shake their heads and listen politely when I tell them about my web pages and any new graphics that I'm making.  Plus while I'm working on the computer I listen to Fox News, MSNBC,  and C-Span.  Don't even get me started on politics!  *VBG*

   When we sold the restaurant in late December, I had more time and kept building page after page. Right around the first part of December I was visiting a site and noticed the Site Fight logo on the page.  One click and I was fascinated by what I saw.  I signed up my very first visit with a fantastic team call DJesters Royale.  Having always been a bit of a cut up and a clown, I thought the idea of being a jester was perfect for me.   As I advanced in the competition, I found that many learning opportunities were provided by TSF.  I started  with teaching myself how to put HTML in guest books and using PSP to make a banner.  There was always someone available to ask when a question arose.  The support and friendship was and still is phenomenal.  My creativity flourishes here.  Everyday I learn something new and I am always surprised and completely amazed!   Creating graphics and animations is probably my most favorite way to pass the time.  I keep finding more surprises with psp, easier ways to do things, better looking graphics,  neater animations.   And, I've barely scratched the surface.  Think what I could do if I ever read that manual. *G*  I'm hooked huh?  Yep, I think maybe I am! 

    I won the highest rounds (The Dome) and participated in the Site Fighter Of The Year competition.  At the end of 2001, I decided to retire from fighting and volunteered to become a Quill.  To learn more about that, feel free to visit my Quill Page and The Inkwell.  I am now promoted to an assistant to the Scribe and am known as DBlueberry Quill.  I enjoy the fun and friendship and the benefits associated with belonging to a great team. 

    I am an avid reader and collector of books.  I haunt our library about every two weeks and read about nine or ten books a month.  My favorites are mysteries, suspense, and psychological thrillers.  I find forensic pathology and criminal profiling facinating.  I really enjoy books that incorporate the same characters over a series of several books.  Kay Scarpetta, Lucas Davenport, Alex Deleware, and many others too numerous to mention are my friends and heros as I read about their lives and loves.   I keep a list of the books I've read, with a short review of each
on my computer.  Told ya I was a nerd. *G*  Actually it's necessary to do that to avoid reading
the same book twice, although, as I get older, I sometimes realize I'm reading a book I've already read, but find that I am enjoying it and can't remember how it ended anyway. 

    I also enjoy playing bridge, party and duplicate with my parter and friend of twenty years. 
We have a great time... never have taken the game seriously... and we laugh when those little old ladies who can't remember where they live, beat the pants off of us.

   I'm going to put some family photos up soon.  So I'll put the link here, now but it won't work right away.  PhotosOh... and one more thing about me... in case you haven't noticed...
I can talk your leg off.
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