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Define Time
Time is every moment that has ever been or ever will be.
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Oh how the time just seems to be flying by!  Are the days getting shorter or is it just me?  I prayed for the day I could retire to have more time to do the all things I wanted.  I got my wish when we sold our restaurant December 20th. 1999.  What a Christmas present that was!  But then...just as I started slowing down...the clock started speeding up.  Not Fair...not fair at all!
Time In A Bottle Midi
My daugher's favorite argument..."It's not fair!  It's just not fair"! 
I used to wisely tell her that "Life is not always fair".  
Now here I am complaining about the limits of time. 
I'd better stop wasting my time agonizing over it. 
Wait... Precious time!  Don't Fly Away!
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