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If you would like to use this background set on your own personal webpage, please download to your own server and provide a link to TisSoon Graphics.  Let me know the url where you've used it, and I will link to you from this page as well.
Sound Fair?
If You Would Like A Special Personalized Plaque With Baby's Name, Birthdate,
& Sender's Name,  I'll be happy to make one for you. 
Just Fill Out The Form Below.


You will first get an email from me - to confirm that your email is a working one. 
The reason for this is that most times I make a plaque and never hear back from the person who requested it.  I don't need a big thank you, but I do need to know that my hard work has at least been received.  You would be surprised to know how many people are not courteous enough to respond with an "I got it" reply, nevermind a "thank you".  I am on the verge of discontinuing making personalized plaques, but I'm going to try this new tact to see if I hear back from those requesting the plaque before I make it.  I will continue making plaques if those I make them for are kind enough to reply after they receive one.
If You Want Your Name Or Website Name On The Plaque...
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I'll Send It To You Or Let You Know Where To Pick It Up.
I am in the process of redoing this page with improved graphics.  I've already changed a few things.  Please notice below - the plaque on your left was made before I knew much about graphics & psp.  I leave it there to remind myself and others what can be accomplished with a little knowledge, patience, and lots of practice. lol
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