Hey... It's A Party!
And I'm Here To Say
Enjoy Your Birthday In Every Way!
I've Brought My Blue Berry Crew Along
We'll Dance And Sing A Friendly Song

We Are Little, It's True
But Our Hearts Beat True Blue
When We Say With Great Joy
That This Party's For You.

Happy Birthday To You
And What Ever You Do
Have A Great Day
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday To You!

I Am Your Host - Blueberry
I'm Smiling Because It's Your Birthday!
Here Are My Little Party Berries.
They Are Berry Happy To See You.
Here To Celebrate
Your Special Day
We'll Sing And Dance
In A Most Happy Way!
It's Your Day
Boy Oh Boy!
We're So Happy
We're Bouncing With Joy!
Just For You!
Blue Berry Sprinkles
To Make This Day Grand
Partys And Birthdays
Just Go Hand In Hand!
Happy Birthday To You!
Do You Like This Surprise?
Now Here's Some Dessert
Yum ...  Blueberry Pies!
Blue Berry Pies
With Blue Berry Eyes?
Oopps - We've Been Spotted!
We're Olives Dyed Blue
We Planned And We Plotted
To Party With You!
Who's This?
It's SoLiliQuill
Practicing Her Birthday Speech
Hey Birthday Girl!
Glad You Could Make It!
Lively Balloons
We Blew Til We're Blue
We Just Love To See Them
We Hope You Do Too!
Have A Fantastic
Whoa! Look Out Below!
Just Who Are These Guys?
Know Someone Having A Birthday?
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